Pro-Master (WA-016BK)

Pro Master is the refine model of American machete, operated by the US army during the Second World war. During the military operations on the Pacific front, American soldiers, armed with these machetes, confronted in melee combat with Japanese soldiers. This model is indispensable in forest conditions. A well-balanced blade, equipped with a hook, can easily replace the ax . For a reliable grip, the texture of the handle, made of modern ABS, is pretty large. This model is aviliable together with a nylon pouch.

  • WA-016BK
  • WithArmour
Overall: 18" [45.72cm]
Handle: 6" [15.24cm]
Blade: 12” [30.48cm]
Blade Thickness: 4mm
Steel Type: 420
Handle Material: PP+TPR
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