Shipping Policy

Shipping Notification

The usual handling time is about 3-5 days; after the parcel has been sent, we will send the tracking number right away. And the shipping usually takes about 2-3 weeks. (Due to the impact of epidemic, the shipping time might up to 1 months.) We will try hard to make this process as quick as we can but still please take this into consideration before you place your order, we sincerely appreciate your patience and business. 


of the paid options to make your preferred selection.We use two primary ship methods for orders shipping within the USA:
USPS First Class/Priority Mail - Average delivery 2-4 working days (Mon-Sat) from date of shipment.
UPS Ground - Average delivery 5-7 working days (Mon-Fri) from date of shipment.
When selecting our Free Shipping option it will be our choice as to which method we use. If you wish one method over another, please select one 


There are two options for International shipments, both via USPS:

Priority Mail - Small Flat Rate Box/Padded Flat Rate Envelope. This method is very size limited as to what will fit. If you wish to verify what items will fit this option, please e-mail us a list of the items you wish to order and we will verify it for you. If this method is chosen and the items will not fit, we cannot process the order. This method is non-trackable, not insured and delivery not guaranteed. Priority Mail takes longer to clear customs, with some orders taking several weeks to deliver. Please also understand that once the package leaves the Chinese that we have no control over it, and delivery time or status is entirely dependent upon the postal and customs officials of your country. Priority Mail packages are scanned when picked up by USPS at our office, then scanned once or twice before leaving the Chinese. Once they've been scanned at departure from the China, they will not be scanned again until being delivered to you. If you are in a hurry for your shipment, or cannot be patient with delivery times, we do not suggest using Priority Mail.

Priority Mail EXPRESS. This method is live-trackable, extremely reliable and the method we most recommend. Average delivery time for Priority Mail EXPRESSis 7-10 days to most countries. Please e-mail us a list of the items you wish to order and we will verify for you if they will fit into this option.

Before ordering please verify with your local authorities that the item/s you wish to order can be imported into your country. It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm the item/s ordered can be imported. If you place an order that is confiscated or not delivered by the postal/customs authorities of your country, you are liable. We have absolutely no control over what will or will not clear customs. If an order is returned to us, most times the packaging has been opened by customs, damaged to the point that it becomes non-salable for us, so we will only credit 75% of the price of the goods. Postage paid is not refunded. By placing an order via our web site, you agree to these terms.