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WithArmour is a powerful leader in the manufacturing of innovative tactical knives and tools. Our diverse team of designers and engineers have produced top quality tools for professional outdoorsmen and military enthusiasts alike for over 15 years. We understand the knife industry and what products consumers want. Our modern facility has the ability and resources to produce the highest quality knives available. WithArmour owns a state-of-the-art warehouse with Quality Control and Research Centers, plus owns several factories located in the heart of the knife industry where more than 70% of the World's knives are produced.

    Our products are held to the highest quality levels. We use only high carbon materials and modern technology procedures for processing. Our popular WithArmour knives are first Wire cut (EDM) with machines, then pass through vacuum heat treatment, are processed by digitally controlled grinding machines or CNC milling machines, then PVD vacuum coating machines and even more-- all to create the best product available.

    Our Managers take great pride and focus on the WithArmour brand with each and every knife. Every project is handled with the utmost care and consideration throughout the manufacturing process. They treat the product as if it were being made for them and they want to ensure the best quality for the customer.

      Our design team is aggressive and proactive in developing the best designed knives possible that are in high demand by consumers.

        Our on-site studio of professional knife designers work tirelessly to bring their concepts to life, and create fully-functional tools for the real world. We also work closely with other designers from around the globe, in America, Europe, and Russia. We understand that design is the seed for the future.

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