• WITHARMOUR Knives warrants that knives will be free from defects inboth material and workmanshi If the product is found to have manufacturing defects, we will repair or replace the item without charge.
  • WITHARMOUR Knives has warranty coverage for all products purchased from an authorized dealer or reseller, not extend to products purcharesed from unauthorized dealers and resellers. Provide proof of purchase will be required in order to obtain warranty repairs or replacements.
  • Damage caused by throwing, prying or dropping, chipped edge or broken serrations, improper sharpening, rust due to neglect or other improper treatment will not be covered under this warranty.
  • WITHARMOUR Knives will not cover repairs if a knife was misused, like throwing, prying, abused or intentionally damaged.
  • Repairs to your knife performed by any source other than WITHARMOUR Knives unconditionally voids the knife's warranty.
  • Modifying the knife from its original form or assembly in any way will void the warranty.
  • If a knife fails to function as it was designed to be used. Please contactour representative.
  • If a problem with a returned knife is determined not to be caused by defects in material or workmanship, we reserve the right to not accept it for warranty work or may choose to charge a fee for the repair.
  • If WITHARMOUR Knives chooses to replace the knife, it may be replaced with the same model or one of equal value if the original item is no longer available or in production.
  • Ifyou have misplaced or lost any hardware parts like screws or clips. Please contact our representative for replacement.



If you have any questions or concerns, welcome to contact WITHARMOUR Knives: master@with-armour.com. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.