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An Innovative Past, An Ever Expanding Future.In the warm Summer of 1962 a young Chinese blacksmith apprentice was spending countless long, hot hours in his owner’s shop determined to create better, sharper knives. Capitalizing on discarded and worn-out file blades as his raw material, he soon brought strong razor sharp blades to life. This young man was Bing Zheng, and his relentless pursuit of quality and design soon attracted the attention of the nation’s military. Bing personally designed and made each of his blades by hand. Those notorious blades were soon used by professionals across the mainland. Almost twenty years later in 1980 the world was changing. China opened up factories to the massive new western market and business was going global. Bing and his oldest son Xiao Zheng saw their opportunity for success and started their own factory in Yangdong Guangdong and quickly became the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many famous western brands. They soon began to manufacture hundreds of thousands of popular blades for companies such as Buck®, SOG®, Boker®, CRKT®, and Kershaw Knives® to name a few. Their standard of quality made them famous.