Our Story

An Innovative Past, An Ever Expanding Future.In the warm Summer of 1962 a young Chinese blacksmith apprentice was spending countless long, hot hours in his owner’s shop determined to create better, sharper knives. Capitalizing on discarded and worn-out file blades as his raw material, he soon brought strong razor sharp blades to life. This young man was Bing Zheng, and his relentless pursuit of quality and design soon attracted the attention of the nation’s military. Bing personally designed and made each of his blades by hand. Those notorious blades were soon used by professionals across the mainland. Almost twenty years later in 1980 the world was changing. China opened up factories to the massive new western market and business was going global. Bing and his oldest son Xiao Zheng saw their opportunity for success and started their own factory in Yangdong Guangdong and quickly became the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many famous western brands. They soon began to manufacture hundreds of thousands of popular blades for companies such as Buck®, SOG®, Boker®, CRKT®, and Kershaw Knives® to name a few. Their standard of quality made them famous.

In 1995 Bing and his daughter, Annie Zheng and her husband Davis Zhang began a new knife factory specializing in balisong knives. This new joint-venture saw many years of market growth. Building on that success, in 2010 they launched the brand WithArmour® for every-day-carry (EDC), tactical knives and gear. It has been growing stronger ever since.
Staying true to Bing’s original philosophy, WithArmour® remains on the cutting edge of technology and continues to provide top quality manufacturing. The Witharmour® brand factory was the first to use wire-cutting on high carbon blades and vacuum heat treatment for an amazing finish. Their blade perfection is acquired with their digital laser and precision grinding today. Speed does not sacrifice blade quality thanks to their computerized CNC milling machines and physical vapor deposition (PVD). WithArmour® continues to invest in modern technology that can offer the very best in quality, design and efficiency.

WithArmour® also continues to expand globally into new product offerings, and markets around the globe. Today their sales are climbing globally in Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy, Greece, Singapore, Australia, Chile, The Netherlands, New Zealand, and in the United States.
By building on over 75 years of combined industry experience, WithArmour® is now positioning itself as a global leader in tactical gear and innovation. By working with in-house designers as well as professionals from around the globe, WithArmour® is expanding into more product markets every day. A few of those markets include tactical lights, cameras, hunting and fishing, tactical back packs, hiking gear, camping gear, watches, survival and much more.

WithArmour®Makes You Strong™.